China wholesale 10 Barrel Microbrewery Equipment For Sale Australia - Autumatic Control System – Coff

Manual operation with push button switch-for professional brewers Temperature control: PT-100 connection to temperature meters with temperature setting. When the temperature reaches the setting level,the solennoid valve will automatic close and stop heating. Our system use Omron temperature meter that could perform PID setting, in order to reach setting temperature gently and perform best temperature control. PLC touch screen system PLC Temperature control: PT-100 connect with PLC ,brewers could read the temperature on PLC, also could perform temperature setting, duration of heat as well as connection with motors on touch screen ,in order to help brewers to achieve more complex action process. Process control:  The system use Siemens frequency convert and PLC to perform USS communication, which could direct setting the rotate speed on touch screen, and also adjust the rotate speed of frequency convertor by press button on frequency convertor panel. Electromagnetic flow meter module: The system also could combine electromagnetic flow meter, it help brewer know the real-time flow rate as well as the total volume of water, which enhance the precision level in mashing process. Full automatic system with recipes-for new craft beer amateur: The system combine variety recipes setting, all the valves and control units are fully achieve automatic control. User only need select the type of brew beer with’oush0buttonstart’the system will perform the working process based on recipes automatically. User also could input the parameters into touch screen, such as the weight of malt, the volume of water, the boiling temperature, waiting time, the speed of mixer of motor as well as mixing time. The system could records temperature parameters with curve chart representation.