OEM Customized 15 Barrel Brewing System Cost Oem - 20BBL Micro Brewery Brewhouse – Coff

COMPLETE LINE OF LARGE SCALE, MULTI-VESSEL, from 10BBL-60BBL(1000L-6000L) PRODUCTION MICRO-BREWERIES STANDARD PRODUCT FEATURES: Brew kettle / whirlpool vessel with multi steam jackets Mash/lauter tun vessel with multi steam jackets & side grain out door Lauter rakes and grain out plow with variable speed control DOUBLE brew length HLT DOUBLE brew length glycol liquor tank with jackets SS 304 work platform with sanitary process with a molding technology Sanitary piping & valves Sanitary wort pumps with variable speed control HLT and GLT pumps SS304 wort grant Sanitary heat exchanger and wort aeration system Grist hopper Water flow meter Tank light assemblies Mash hydration assembly Grain auger Two roll malt mill Cellar package with brewers hoses, valves and fittings Fermenters/uni-tanks Bright beer tank Glycol chiller – outdoor unit Cellar control panel with RTD & solenoid valves Portable sanitary CIP/ wort pump, SS cart & VFD controller OPTIONS:Separate whirlpool vessel/Cold liquor tank/Internal & external calandria/Air actuated control valves/PLC touch screen automated interface